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Trauma Informed Counselling

At Safehouse you will be offered a supportive safe place to explore your past trauma. You will be given time to process the trauma you have experienced. With support and care you can become fully aware of the impact of what has happened to you in your life.

With compassion, curiosity and clarity you will be guided in therapy to discover more about yourself, significant events, intergenerational trauma, and other people that have impacted you in your life. By realising the extensive impact of trauma you can become more understanding about what and how you have been effected by the events of your life and find pathways to recovery.



By recognising how your own mind, body and heart operates in relation to your trauma you will be more aware of the signs to look for in your daily life and how to manage your emotions and potential triggers. Time will be spent supporting you to explore the internal parts within yourself that influence you in your life. Exploration of patterns that you have developed to cope and survive will be explored. We will explore what do you truly need, want and prefer moving forward to live a happy healthy life despite the trauma of your past.

By responding to your trauma responses with useful knowledge based on the psychotherapy internal family systems you can learn to KNOW yourself and integrate all parts of yourself in a compassionate way. Support will be offered for how to cope with challenging emotions such as shame, loneliness, grief, hurt, betrayal and more.

By having an empowered understanding of trauma, you can move towards reducing re-traumatisation and post-traumatic growth. Your life can improve by finding more appreciation for life. Being a survivor and living your life of purpose and meaning that is best for you. Having more meaningful connections with yourself and others.

Growing, learning and developing means new life possibilities can reveal themselves for your life and the future. Exploring your core beliefs, values, and what is important to you allows you to move towards hope and healing. Your inner strengths can allow you to trust that you have the confidence in taking on the future and challenges you may face.

Positive Experience

Live A Happy, Healthy Life

Establishing a Clear Focus

What are you hoping to achieve from coming to therapy? What do you want to achieve to live a happy and healthy life? What are your best hopes for today’s session?

Curiosity For Exploring the Focus

When have you had success with your focus area in the past? Describe when you felt the most happy or healthy previously in your life?

Resources, Skills, and Assets

What knowledge, skills and understanding do you already have that can help you achieve your focus area and your best hopes to live the life you want? What can you make use of for your preferred future?

Scaling the Focus Area

On a scale of 1 to ten where do you see yourself in relation to your focus area? Where do you want to be on the scale? How can you get to the outcome you have described?

Exploring the Future

Imagine a future where you are already living the life you want, what does that look like? Let’s explore that future in detail and get you thinking, feeling and moving towards that future.

Establishing Clarity on Achieving the Focus Area

Between now and next time what would you like to explore to achieve the focus area? What have you found useful from attending therapy that you can continue to develop?