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Kia Tau Te Rangimarie

Let Peace Be Upon You

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Welcome to Safehouse Consultancy and Counselling. A place where you can get therapy, education and training on a range of well-being topics (in person or online). Safehouse also offers ACC sensitive claims & WINZ funding available.

Counselling Services

A range of counselling services can be offered at Safehouse. Contact us for a conversation to see if we can meet your needs. We are happy to help.

Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Individual Counselling
  • Couples Counselling
  • Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Anxiety Disorders and Depression Counselling
  • Trauma and PTSD Counselling
  • Grief, loss and Change Counselling

  • Pornography Addiction
  • Sexual Trauma
  • Betrayal Trauma
  • Chronic Health Conditions
  • Gender Diverse Counselling
  • Spiritual and Faith Based Counselling

Solution Focused Counselling

Solution focused therapy offers an opportunity for you to explore your best hopes for attending therapy and an exploration of what you want to achieve so you can live the life you want. You will experience a positive strength-based approach that will allow you to explore your skills, assets, and resources so you can live a happy healthy life……….

Trauma Informed Counselling

Trauma informed care is offered in a compassionate and supportive way. You will develop awareness and understanding of how trauma has impacted you and your life. The psychotherapy Internal Family Systems (IFS) helps to process your trauma……….

Relationships and Sexuality Education

With expertise in positive sexuality education schools, families and children can gain confidence in becoming effective communicators within this area. Consultancy can be offered to schools and health organisations in a supportive and respectful way……….

Culturally Responsive Counselling

Raesha’s counselling modality is Solution- Focused Therapy integrated with Internal Family Systems. (hyperlink) She has established a unique way of counselling that aligns with trauma-informed care, bicultural and cross-cultural integration, and is passionate about culturally responsive counselling.

Pornography Addiction

With specialist expertise in pornography addiction, unwanted sexual behaviours and sexual trauma you will gain the recovery tools required to overcome sexual compulsivity. You will get the opportunity to understand the brain science of this addiction and obtain valuable tools to help you move forward……….

Betrayal Trauma

With specialist training in betrayal trauma due to internet infidelity and other unwanted sexual behaviours you will be in a safe space that is supportive and non-judgmental. You will get the opportunity to openly share the struggles of betrayal trauma and get helpful coping strategies so you can move forward with improved hope and healing……….

International Partnership

With a unique partnership and connection to Vinny Barborka the managing director of Safehouse Counselling & Coaching, PLCC Salt Lake City Utah, USA international clients can be supported to meet their therapeutic needs. An international online support group for spouses experiencing betrayal trauma is also offered as part of this partnership……….

Safehouse Solution Focused Therapy

Establishing a Clear Focus

What are you hoping to achieve from coming to therapy? What do you want to achieve to live a happy and healthy life? What are your best hopes for today’s session?

Curiosity for Exploring Focus

When have you had success with your focus area in the past? Describe when you felt the most happy or healthy previously in your life?

Resources, skills and assets

What knowledge, skills and understanding do you already have that can help you achieve your focus area and your best hopes to live the life you want? What can you make use of for your preferred future?

Scaling the Focus Area

On a scale of 1 to ten where do you see yourself in relation to your focus area? Where do you want to be on the scale? How can you get to the outcome you have described?

Exploring the Future

Imagine a future where you are already living the life you want, what does that look like? Let’s explore that future in detail and get you thinking, feeling and moving towards that future.

Establishing Clarity on Achieving the Focus Area

Between now and next time what would you like to explore to achieve the focus area? What have you found useful from attending therapy that you can continue to develop?

Raesha Safehouse
Maori Proverb

Kia Tau Te Rangimarie
Let Peace Be Upon You

Raesha Ismail is a facilitator, Educator, and Mental Health Counsellor. She has experience in pre-service teacher training and primary school teaching. She completed her education in the year 2000 at the University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of Education and a Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning from the Christchurch College of Education. She graduated with a Master of Counselling with Distinction in December 2020.

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