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Relationships & Sexuality Education

With other ten years’ experience in tertiary adult education, teacher training and as a health educator Raesha has a passion for educating others on Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE). Raesha has been responsible for teaching sexuality education to primary school teacher trainees.

This role included helping teachers to gain the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to be confident in delivering sexuality education within the New Zealand classroom. Raesha helps adults to feel confident and comfortable answering questions young people may ask about this topic. 



As part of this role Raesha gets asked to be a guest presenter for various community groups. Raesha had the pleasure of presenting at the Islamic Women’s Counsel of New Zealand annual conference.

She facilitated an interactive dynamic session for “Empowering Muslim Women on having conversations about Relationships and Sexuality Education.” With cultural humility and sensitivity she has the skills to deliver workshops on this topic to various ethnic migrant communities and cultural groups.

Raesha has planned, prepared, and implemented workshops for the Ministry of Education.

Helping parents of different cultural backgrounds gain a better understanding of the New Zealand Curriculum, including the health curriculum consultation process.

Empowering parents from a Somali, Eritrean, Egyptian, Indian and Middle Eastern background to engage with the school community to be be more involved in their children’s learning. Raising awareness on the content of sexuality education including gender diversity has been part of these workshops.

The Ministry of Education contracted Raesha for a special project “Culturally Responsive Practice for Sexuality Education Teaching in Schools.” This project included consultation with parents from various backgrounds to share their questions and thoughts on the Sexuality Education Curriculum. Raesha worked with two well-known schools in Christchurch both from the primary and secondary sector to help them improve their culturally responsive practice.

In a consultancy role Raesha was able to provide support by leading staff professional development, attending team meetings to improve unit planning, interacting with parents for focus groups and parent meetings and helping both schools to reduce barriers to access for the health consultation process. She worked alongside senior staff to guide them with their documentation and paperwork.

Contract Raesha for support with culturally responsive practice and the Relationships and Sexuality Education Curriculum. She is happy to help schools and community organisations meet their needs in all areas of the health curriculum.

Positive Experience

Live A Happy, Healthy Life

Establishing a Clear Focus

What are you hoping to achieve from coming to therapy? What do you want to achieve to live a happy and healthy life? What are your best hopes for today’s session?

Curiosity For Exploring the Focus

When have you had success with your focus area in the past? Describe when you felt the most happy or healthy previously in your life?

Resources, Skills, and Assets

What knowledge, skills and understanding do you already have that can help you achieve your focus area and your best hopes to live the life you want? What can you make use of for your preferred future?

Scaling the Focus Area

On a scale of 1 to ten where do you see yourself in relation to your focus area? Where do you want to be on the scale? How can you get to the outcome you have described?

Exploring the Future

Imagine a future where you are already living the life you want, what does that look like? Let’s explore that future in detail and get you thinking, feeling and moving towards that future.

Establishing Clarity on Achieving the Focus Area

Between now and next time what would you like to explore to achieve the focus area? What have you found useful from attending therapy that you can continue to develop?