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Pornography Addiction

Raesha specialises in pornography addiction, sexual trauma and betrayal trauma due to internet infidelity. She counsels clients and couples who have been exposed to risk and harm due to pornography addiction and other unwanted sexual behaviours both within NZ and internationally.



With extensive knowledge and experience since 2007 on the harmful effects of pornography addiction. Raesha recognises pornography is a serious public health issue that impacts youth, adults, couples and society. As a health educator and counsellor she has a unique ability to help others with issues related to pornography addiction and sexual compulsivity. Raesha can help individuals, couples and groups with knowledge, skills and understanding on preventing this health issue from continuing to harm their lives.

Raesha has an understanding of the brain science that causes harmful pornography use. She will help clients to understand the causes and effects of this addiction. Allowing clients to openly share their challenges and struggles they can develop useful recovery tools to overcome harmful sexual behaviours. Clients will be offered the opportunity to explore their triggers and environment, confront their thought patterns, develop techniques to help them when they are struggling, set up healthy coping habits and restore healthy relationships.

With international expertise’s and collaboration Raesha can provide clients with the best support they need. With a direct link to experts in the field from the USA and access to helpful online platforms such as she can find an approach that will work for you. Making use of a wide range of relevant and useful resources Raesha will help clients to establish their own recovery journey.

Raesha will guide clients to find what suits them best as they grow and develop towards their own journey of recovery. For some clients it can be the first time they have an opportunity to openly and freely discuss this challenging addiction. In a trusted, non-judgemental, safe space clients can find hope and healing.

Positive Experience

Live A Happy, Healthy Life

Establishing a Clear Focus

What are you hoping to achieve from coming to therapy? What do you want to achieve to live a happy and healthy life? What are your best hopes for today’s session?

Curiosity For Exploring the Focus

When have you had success with your focus area in the past? Describe when you felt the most happy or healthy previously in your life?

Resources, Skills, and Assets

What knowledge, skills and understanding do you already have that can help you achieve your focus area and your best hopes to live the life you want? What can you make use of for your preferred future?

Scaling the Focus Area

On a scale of 1 to ten where do you see yourself in relation to your focus area? Where do you want to be on the scale? How can you get to the outcome you have described?

Exploring the Future

Imagine a future where you are already living the life you want, what does that look like? Let’s explore that future in detail and get you thinking, feeling and moving towards that future.

Establishing Clarity on Achieving the Focus Area

Between now and next time what would you like to explore to achieve the focus area? What have you found useful from attending therapy that you can continue to develop?