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International Partnerships

Raesha has worked at NZ Graduate School of Education and the University of Canterbury training teachers for over ten years. She was the Bachelor of Health Science programme coordinator for three years and a health educator for teacher trainees and health science students for five years.

During November 2018, Raesha was presented with a Teaching Excellence award by the teaching and learning committee from the College of Education, Health and Human Development teaching awards 2018.



Raesha has a unique connection and partnership with colleagues in America and Salt Lake City.  Since 2007 she has established a collaboration with the top professionals in the field for issues related to unwanted sexual behaviours. As part of this relationship she has attended conferences in America both as a participant and a workshop presenter. Raesha has had the opportunity to meet with CEO and founder of Fight the New Drug and

Raesha offers online counselling to numerous international clients in her specialist area of pornography addiction and betrayal trauma. Many of the clients are from various faith based backgrounds and cultures.

Often finding valuable and skilled support that they have not been able to find previously. As part of this international connection Raesha is the lead facilitator for an online support group made up of women from various parts of America. This group meets once a week to focus on hope, healing, and recovery. This support group has been running for over six years and counting.

In collaboration with Vinny from Safehouse Groups Raesha has been a guest presenter once a year for his online support group for men. With sensitively and compassion she educates the group on the impact of betrayal trauma for their wives and partners. With the hopes of improving their relationships and empathy towards their spouses she facilitates interactive sessions that has an impact.

In 2019 Raesha was a special guest and presenter at Utah Coalition Against Pornography. Her workshop was attended by over 200 people and had wonderful reviews.

For anyone living internationally, reach out for further information on individual counselling and for the online support group. Raesha is happy to help.

Positive Experience

Live A Happy, Healthy Life

Establishing a Clear Focus

What are you hoping to achieve from coming to therapy? What do you want to achieve to live a happy and healthy life? What are your best hopes for today’s session?

Curiosity For Exploring the Focus

When have you had success with your focus area in the past? Describe when you felt the most happy or healthy previously in your life?

Resources, Skills, and Assets

What knowledge, skills and understanding do you already have that can help you achieve your focus area and your best hopes to live the life you want? What can you make use of for your preferred future?

Scaling the Focus Area

On a scale of 1 to ten where do you see yourself in relation to your focus area? Where do you want to be on the scale? How can you get to the outcome you have described?

Exploring the Future

Imagine a future where you are already living the life you want, what does that look like? Let’s explore that future in detail and get you thinking, feeling and moving towards that future.

Establishing Clarity on Achieving the Focus Area

Between now and next time what would you like to explore to achieve the focus area? What have you found useful from attending therapy that you can continue to develop?